I am a multidisciplinary creative designer, conceptual thinker and consultacy practice, solving communication problems through the use of typography, space, image & color. My practice is specialized in visual driven projects oriented towards brands, spaces, print & digital with the aim of sparking meaningful experiences. Mediums and tools are meticulously chosen in specific context defined by each project, favoring on strong, singular, sensitive and pragmatic solutions. I'm based in Paris, currently intern at Yard Agency as AD Assistant and studying at Haute école des arts du Rhin.

Currently HEAR Diplôme National Sup. d'Expression Plastique Visual Communication
2021 Yard Agency Art Director assistant Internship
2020 HEAR Diplôme National d'Art Visual communication
2018 Wastedparis Graphic designer Internship
2019 J. Prévert Brevet de Technicien Supérieur Graphic design & digital medias
2017 R. Loewy Baccalauréat Design & applied arts

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